People often think of violent extremism as terrorism such as Al-Qaeda related terrorism and Irish related terrorism but it also includes other issues such as violent extremism associated with animal and environmental rights campaigns, and far left or right wing views.

Prevent is one of 4 elements that make up Contest Opens in a new window, a Government strategy which aims to address the threat, risk, response to and impact of violent extremism.  Specific threats come from many groups with a range of ideologies from both inside and outside the United Kingdom.

The Prevent element not only aims to stop people becoming or supporting terrorists or violent extremists, but also to provide support to those vulnerable members of our communities who may be susceptible to radicalisation.

We have a responsibility Opens in a new window to include Prevent in our policies and procedures but it is also hoped that you will report extremist activity if you see it or suspect it is happening in your community.  Our aim is to support local communities to challenge and reject the message of extremism.

If you see it or suspect it, report it

If you think something is happening that may be relevant, report it anonymously by phoning the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321 or email

To report a suspicious package or vehicle ALWAYS call 999

Useful Information for Parents, Guardians, Teachers and School Leaders on preventing violent extremism and terrorism and what to do if you think someone is involved in terrorism.

If you’re concerned that someone you know may be being drawn into terrorism please report it to the police or the anti-terrorist hotline on telephone 0800 789 321.

  Report suspected terrorism Opens in a new window

If you have seen illegal violent extremist information, pictures or videos on the internet you can report it anonymously online.

  Report online material promoting terrorism or extremism Opens in a new window