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Gordon Oliver, Elected Mayor

The Mayor, Gordon OliverGordon Oliver was elected Mayor on the 6 May 2011. His term of office is for 4 years.
The elected Mayor has responsibility for giving direction to the council and managing the delivery of its services. He has significant decision-making powers and is the main representative for Torbay. The Mayor is elected by everyone in Torbay. He leads the council of 36 councillors, who are elected to represent particular areas known as wards. The Mayor can choose an executive of between 2 and 9 councillors to serve on a cabinet and they are responsible for the day-to-day running of the council. The Mayor is not a councillor.
The Mayor decides which decisions he should make within the overall policies of the council and which decisions the cabinet will make, either collectively or as individual members of the cabinet. The Mayor proposes a budget and policies for the council's approval. If the council rejects these or tries to change them, the Mayor is entitled to resubmit them, at which point they can only be rejected if two thirds of the council votes against them.
The Mayor is responsible for most of the Council's decisions and is helped and advised by his Executive.

Capital Programme

Generating pride in the Bay by improving the built environment and providing better facilities for business, learning and leisure.
Gordon Oliver has personally pledged half his annual salary for the next four years to give one -off support to groups, organisations and individuals in the Bay.
The Forum meets monthly and provides supports for small and large scale events in the Bay, to help raise the profile of Torbay as an events capital.
A summary of the Council's performance in the previous year, as well as looking forward to future plans and priorities.
Regular forums so local residents will have the opportunity to find out how the council and its partners are working to improve life in the Bay.
Details of the achievements made by the Council from 2011 to 2013.
Each month we place "News from your Council" in the Herald Express to round up just a few of the many good news stories affecting people across the Bay.