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Licence - Dog Breeding

Establishments used for the breeding of dogs are controlled by the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973. You must obtain a licence if:
This excludes "home breeders", producing less than five litters in any 12 months period.


There is an application fee which must be paid at the time the application is made.
Type of RegistrationFee
Breeding of Dogs Act 1976£220.00
Breeding of Dogs Act 1976 - Renewal£118.00
**Plus costs of vets fees as required
Where a licence is granted, that licence and any subsequent licence will expire on the 31 December of the year to which the licence relates and must be renewed before that date if the premises are to continue as a dog breeding establishment.

Council's Duties

Before being granted a licence the applicant must be able to demonstrate to the Council's Licensing Inspector:
That all appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that the dogs will be provided with suitable food drink and bedding material and adequately exercised when being transported to or from the breeding establishment.
A licence may be refused or withheld on other grounds if those grounds are such that conditions are not suitable for the breeding of dogs.
Each licence is subject to standard conditions that are imposed on all dog breeding establishments licensed by the Council.
In addition to the standard conditions a licence may also contain special conditions that are only applicable to your premises.

Your Right of Appeal

Any person aggrieved by a refusal to be granted a licence or by any condition to which a licence is subject may appeal to the Magistrates Court and the Courts may give such directions regarding the licence or its conditions as it thinks proper.

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