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Torbay has an unusually diverse and nationally important natural environment that is interleaved with a largely urban community and sustains a vigorous tourist industry.
Torbay is blessed with a superb array of natural features along its 22 miles of coastline; the steep slopes that tumble down to the broad sweep of the Bay; the cliffs and headlands that punctuate the coastline; the green valleys that cut down to the sea; and the Victorian gardens and landscape planting that set off these natural contours.
There are two major Country Parks and a wealth of wildlife sites and corners set aside for wildlife - these are the responsibility of the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust opens in a new window.

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Public Rights of Way

Public rights of way are ways over which the public have the right to pass and re-pass - public footpaths are for pedestrians only.


A stretch of pleasant coast and countryside is never far away in Torbay - there are over 100 miles of footpaths and a selection of the best circular walks have been sign-posted

Bay Walks

Part of the national Walking the Way to Health initiative aimed at improving the health of the local community through walking. Developed by Groundwork and Torbay Council, this local project is also supported by Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, Torbay PCT and Torbay Partnership Committee.  Several weekly led walks are now available for people to take part in across Torbay.

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