This is the 2016 annual report on the health of the population of Torbay. As a theme this year, we have focused on the challenges people with complex needs and vulnerabilities face.

Local authorities have been the host organisation for local public health functions since 2013. This means that public health is ideally situated to work together with local authority partners to streamline services and co-produce efforts for people who experience multiple challenges in life.

The annual report this year is presented visually. You will see Dr Caroline Dimond, Director of Public Health for Torbay, present her annual statement to camera. Her statement is supported by a written annual assessment of public health activities. 

In addition, you can also access conversations that people (in different stages of their recovery from drug use) have had with a staff member of the Public Health team. People who use public health services are well placed to contribute to the annual assessment of our activities. 

In this annual report, you will also notice reference to the growing momentum in public sector strategy towards:

  • increased multi-agency joined-up working towards meeting the needs of those who have complex support needs, and who face multiple challenges in life
  • increased multi-agency action around prevention of ill health
  • generalised emphasis on principles of self-care
  • continued acknowledgement within public services of the value and expertise of the voluntary and charity sector.

It is a statutory duty to publish the Director of Public Health’s independent assessment of the health of the local population. 

CheckPoint Torbay, The Children’s Society, provides a substance misuse service for young people up to 18 years of age.  This video describes how you can access the CheckPoint Torbay service, and what to expect from them.

Walnut Lodge, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, provides a front door for substance misuse services for adults in Torbay.  They work closely with partners at Shrublands House (Devon Partnership Trust) and Jatis.  This video describes how you can access the service and what to expect in drug or alcohol treatment.  


We spoke to people who have faced multiple difficulties in their lives - particularly with their drug and alcohol use.  Many of these people have accessed treatment through Walnut Lodge, Shrublands House and Jatis.  These are the conversations we had with them. They are anonymised to protect their identities and read word-for-word by actors.


Here are some links to the services we have worked with when creating the stories and annual report.