This programme is intended for those in the first year of practice following the completion of social work training.

Key Objectives

  • To help to improve skills, competence and confidence
  • Enable the employer to provide focused supervision, support and guidance
  • Contribute to post registration training and learning requirements
  • Provide peer support


  • 10% of work time to be allocated to training and development activity
  • Fortnightly supervision of at least 90 minutes for first 3 months.
  • A Personal Development Plan
  • To be allocated a caseload that reflects your level of professional development
  • NQSW coordinator to provide support and advice around the record of achievement
  • Monthly peer support meeting to include action learning sets
  • 2 hour blended learning session on the common core
  • 5 day Specialist Induction programme to include:
    • Permanency Planning
    • Safeguarding
    • Working with difficult families
    • PARIS
    • The law

Record of Achievement

Engagement with the NQSW programme should be recorded to show progress and development against the outcome statements throughout the duration of the year. It is the NQSWs responsibility, with the line manager to chart and identify this progress and development.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of those involved in the programme are clearly outlined.

The NQSW is responsible for keeping the portfolio up to date.

The line manager will be responsible for ensuring that the NQSW gets 10% time for learning and development and that the allocation of work is suitable for your skills and experience.

The programme co-ordinator will register all NQSWs. She will identify and advertise suitable training opportunities. Monthly meetings will be held to help the NQSWs identify their needs to build up their own peer support network.