Some examples of employees who have been apprentices with us and their success stories.

Before my apprenticeship I wasn’t aware of the amount of opportunities and different career pathways Torbay Council has to offer. Not only has my apprenticeship allowed me to gain well recognised qualifications whilst getting paid, I have also been given the opportunity to progress further with my career, this is due to being kept on for a second year of my apprenticeship which gives me the chance to gain a much more advanced understanding and more experience in what I would like to do.

When I began my apprenticeship, my job role involved proceeding with fairly basic duties to allow me to settle in and also for my manager to assess what job roles I was capable of carrying out. These jobs included; answering the phone, scanning and taking payments, however as I progressed and got more comfortable in my workplace I began to endure in much more challenging tasks. The staff I work with were extremely helpful and very welcoming making it easier to settle in. Whilst earning your apprenticeship qualification you are also given the opportunity to gain other qualifications the council fund for you, such as MOS and many more giving you the chance to be a highly qualified employee.

I feel as though my knowledge has improved dramatically whilst working for Torbay Council and once I finish my apprenticeship I hope to earn myself a full time position working for the council. I would only ever recommend an apprenticeship to someone now, experience is what employers seek and you can go on to doing so much after an apprenticeship as you have both this and qualifications.

I’ve been an apprentice at Torbay Council for about 9 months now and have learnt a lot of new skills. I was always determined to get an apprenticeship after doing my A-Levels as I felt it was more beneficial than going university as you learn on the job, get paid and you gain experience, which is an advantage if you were applying for a job against other candidates. Plus, you haven’t got any debt to worry about.

At the start, you’d be given the basic jobs like scanning, photocopying and telephone calling (Which I didn’t like to do) but now, I’m creating complex spreadsheets, budget monitoring cost centres and compiling important reports.  I go to college on a Friday studying AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) which is brilliant as it breaks up the week, the teaching standards are superb and you’re in a class with other apprentices from other businesses, so you can relate to them and learn off them too.

What Torbay Council has done for me is given me a platform to show my abilities and thrive in that so that should I get a permanent job here, continue building on the career that I’ve started. You might be thinking of going Uni because most of your friends are going and you just want to jump on the bandwagon but sometimes you have to think about yourself and question is this right for me?

Working for the Council has been a great choice for me, as I have learnt so many ‘real life’ skills which you couldn’t learn in education. This is what a lot of employers are now starting to look for, people who already have experience that can just pick up the job and adapt to the systems they use as quick as possible. It’s all well and good having a degree and being very intelligent, however applying this knowledge in the real world is a completely different situation.

Being an Apprentice I have managed to pick up these skills, and feel like in the 6 months I have been here I learnt more than I have done in my whole life of education so far. I haven’t looked back as of yet and would encourage people to look at the other options, rather than schools and colleges who try to make you think very single minded as to university being the only option if you want to be successful.

I became an apprentice at Torbay Council over a year and a half ago. In that time I have gained knowledge in various aspects of civil engineering, both at work and at college. The reason I joined the apprenticeship scheme is that I thought it would be a good way to get myself into the trade, and it has been.

The apprenticeship scheme has allowed me to develop skills more easily than I believe I would have in full time education, and I am getting paid, which is a bonus.  At work I have been working with the structural engineer, which has allowed me to develop skills in technical drawing, designing structural elements in buildings and also surveying and setting out.  At college we have covered many areas of civil engineering such as health and safety, structures, graphical detailing, surveying, environmental concerns and so on.

So far, I have enjoyed my time at Torbay Council and being an apprentice in general and I hope that it will take me on to a full time career in engineering.

I have been an apprentice with Torbay Council for around a year and a half. I was first interested in the apprenticeship as I wanted to gain experience in engineering. In my apprenticeship I have had a good mix of practical learning and theory based learning and unlike universities I also get paid. In my apprenticeship I have worked alongside skilled workers which has enabled me to pick up many useful tips which only experience can teach you. I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to others as it gives you vital experience.

I have been made to feel very welcome in all the different departments I have worked with within engineering and highways. My time at Torbay Council has really made me appreciate the work that goes on within the council.

When I left school I joined Torbay Council on a Youth Training Scheme before my A-level course was due to start. At that time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career, nor did I appreciate the amount of different services the Council provided and the opportunities this would open up for me.

The Council enabled me to explore my career options by working with officers from a variety of professions e.g. spending a day in the life of an Environmental Health Officer inspecting food premises which was a real eye-opener! My placement enabled me to develop my career as a Personal Assistant. I achieved a permanent position within 3 months of joining the scheme and completed a BTEC National Certificate in Public Administration at the same time as working and earning money! I then progressed my career in Democratic Services and developed my management skills.

The Council again supported me with my management training. I now manage the Governance Support Team working at the heart of the Council - no day is the same from running elections to advising the Mayor. I work with a great team of people right across all of the Council’s services. Torbay Council has given me great support and excellent career opportunities without needing to move anyway from the area, so much so I still work here after 25 years!

My apprenticeship with Torbay has been challenging but rewarding.

When I started my apprenticeship with Torbay they gave me basic tasks to begin with.  Over the past two years Torbay has given me more responsibility and opportunities which has increased my knowledge and confidence in my role.  I started out by answering phones and scanning documents to now creating complex spreadsheets and organising/minuting important meetings.

Not only have I gained multiple qualifications throughout my apprenticeship, I have been given a chance to start a great career within Torbay Council.  I would highly recommend starting a apprenticeship with Torbay Council to anyone!

Since joining Torbay Council I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of different environments performing different types of jobs. This has allowed me to really develop my skills in new areas and improve my knowledge and experience of working in a full time job.

The staff have been fantastic and are always looking to help you challenge and improve yourself to become the best you can be. Whilst some of you may be thinking about going to university, I would highly recommend an apprenticeship as an alternative due to the experience you can gain and the opportunities that this can open up for you. There really is something for everyone that can propel your career in the direction that you would like to take it.

I started with Torbay Council in 2012 completing an NVQ2 in Business Administration, after a year I then moved onto my NVQ3. Throughout my NVQ I was able to build my skills and confidence with the support from College and Torbay Council which enabled me to secure a full time position as a Business Support Officer.

After a year of being settled in my role as a Business Support Officer I felt I wanted to do more direct work with children and families, using the knowledge of professionals around me and the Councils internal training I was able to secure a Job as a Community Care Worker which I started in April 2016.