This consultation is now closed.  The final date for feedback was 26 August 2016. 

To provide a fair and consistent approach to the way we manage parking while supporting the Council’s ambition to create a ‘Prosperous and Healthy’ Torbay

The first redrafting of this strategy since 2006, it sets out the key work areas for Parking Services over the next five years. We are keen to ensure, through public consultation, that the content of the Strategy meets the expectations of our community.

This Parking Strategy has been prepared with the future of parking in the Bay in mind and in response to the findings of the Parking Review. It reflects the aspirations of the Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan 2011 - 2026 Opens in a new window as well as the Ambitions, Targeted Actions and Principles set out in our Corporate Plan (2015 ~ 2019).

Parking Strategy 2016 - 2021
Our draft parking strategy prepared with the future of parking in the Bay in mind and in response to the findings of the Parking Review.
Parking Strategy Consultation Report
August 2016

We seek to make efficient and effective use of available resources as it continues to give a range of parking provisions. As parking affects many facets of life for residents, businesses and visitors to Torbay, it seeks to balance the needs of everyone, car users and non-users alike within a local transport network constrained by both capacity and topography. This includes emergency services, commuters, public transport users and groups with more specific needs.

Faced with the prospect of increasing levels of car ownership the strategy aims to support the local economy and keep our road network free from the detrimental effects of traffic congestion and pollution.

These core values will underpin our approach to parking.

  1. Collaboration and transparency
    We will provide clear information about parking and involve or consult communities in the development of policy and the design of local schemes; as we ensure Torbay remains an attractive and safe place to live and visit.
  2. Quality of life
    We will consider the impact of parking on health, safety and the general well-being of residents, workers and visitors, as we promote healthy lifestyles across Torbay.
  3. Value for money
    We will maximise value for money through considered and well managed parking schemes, intelligent use of technology and fair charges and enforcement as we work towards a more prosperous Torbay.
  4. Fairness and consistency
    We will take a fair and consistent approach to meet the needs of individuals and communities as best as possible whilst using reducing resources to best effect.
  5. Efficiency and effectiveness
    We will make optimum use of parking spaces and provide services that are responsive to need and adaptable by adopting an integrated and joined up approach.
  6. Supporting the economy
    All new parking schemes will aim to assist existing businesses and attract new businesses as we work towards a more prosperous Torbay.