This consultation closes on Friday 23 March 2018.

Many people support a family member or friend because they have a physical, visual, hearing or learning disability; serious illness; drug or alcohol misuse issue, mental ill health or the increasing effects of ageing. Under legislation, these people are considered to be ‘Carers’ if they are not paid to do it, and not doing it as a voluntary job. We provide advice and support for them, regardless of their age although the specific needs of Carers under 25 are addressed in their own strategy. This questionnaire is aimed at Carers aged 16 and above.

With an ageing population, and with initiatives such as ‘Care Closer to Home’ where people are supported in their own home instead of a hospital or care home, there is an ever-increasing number of Carers who need support. We need to balance this need against increasing pressures elsewhere on health and social care budgets, ensuring that we can provide a cost effective service whilst meeting the needs of carers.

In preparation for drafting the Carers Strategy 2018-21, we wrote to every Carer on Torbay Carers’ Register and asked them to feed back about what support is important to them. Over 800 people responded and these replies are being used as the basis for this public consultation. We also want to hear from people who do not see themselves as a Carer, people who consider what they do as just being part of ‘normal family life’ or ‘being a good neighbour’. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to be Carers, and for them to know where to go for support and advice when they need it. Two out of three of us will be a Carer at some time in our lives, so it is important to get the support and advice right.

Please complete the survey to tell us your views.

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