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Community Fire Safety

Prevention is the key to reducing the tragedies and hardships caused by fire. Stopping fires from starting requires the community and the fire service to work together to deliver safer communities.

Vehicle Fires

Safety Check for Vehicles

Refuse Skips

Private Bonfires

Void Properties

Organised Bonfires and Firework Displays

Picking the Right Location

You should choose a large, clear and well mown area free from obstructions, well away from any buildings, trees and hazards like overhead cables, with as many safe entrances and exits as possible.
These must be:

Crowd Control

Proper crowd control is essential and needs good planning:

Planning a Bonfire

After the Event

The bonfire needs to be put out completely before you leave the site. Information is available from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or visit the Firework Safety website.

Fire Safety Advice for Businesses and Commerce

Further Information

Please contact Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service opens in a new window to for further information or to be advised of your closest Fire Safety office. NB: Please don't attempt to make personal contact directly with Fire Stations.

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