Out of Hours and Emergency Contact

Telehpone: 0300 456 4876

We are a multi-agency specialist social care team that supports children and young people, under 18 years old, with disabilities and their families. A similar service for young people, over 18 years old, with disabilities and their families is provided by Adult social care.

We work in partnership with children, young people, families and other agencies to meet the needs of children and young people with disabilities by organising and providing a wide range of support and services.

We support families where:

  • The child or young person has substantial and long lasting /permanent physical and / or learning disability or a life limiting / life threatening condition
  • There is a significant impact on the child or young person or family’s life, including a risk to how parents / carers cope ; and
  • The child or young person’s or family’s needs cannot be met without the support from this specialist service.

We then provide the required support to:

  • safeguard the child or young person by ensuring their safety and wellbeing
  • improve the quality of life for the child or young person and family
  • reduce stress levels in the family resulting from caring
  • prevent family breakdown
  • encourage and support the child or young person’s independence.

When living with a child with a disability has an impact on family life, parents & carers can be advised, and supported, in order to access appropriate services to meet their own needs and those of the child or young person’s siblings.

Referrals can be made by:

  • Parent /carers
  • Professionals

What happens next?

We will either signpost you to appropriate information or services universally available in the community or seek further information about your child or young person, including their needs, diagnosis, your family, your child or young person’s carers and siblings. This information will then be presented to the Referral Panel for consideration for services and support from the team.

If your child or young person is assessed as meeting the criteria of this specialist service, a series of assessments will take place. A supporting package of care may be created to meet your child or young person and family’s individual needs. You may also been given the option to receive a direct payment, which is where you are given the money and take on the responsibility of buying the services your child needs, as stated in the Care Plan.