The Supporting (Troubled) Families Network meetings are held quarterly in the Paignton area of Torbay. Our meetings are completely cost free and follow a simple format. Our meetings are well attended by our multi agency partners and the community voluntary sector  

At each meeting we have feedback from Supporting (Troubled) Families and the Targeted Help Team along with invited Guest Speakers.

Each of our guest speakers are allocated approximately 30mins with a focus on Q&A and information sharing. Guest Speakers are invited to circulate any printed literature on the day. This material is then made available electronically via these pages.  

The most import element of our meeting is the Networking that takes place during the refreshment break – approximately 30 mins this is where drinking Tea, Coffee and great relationships continue to develop.  

During this break there is also an opportunity for any member of the network to take a table to display their current project or for them to update the network on any new initiatives that they may have.  

Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting you at our next meeting on 9th January 2018. In the meantime feel free to contact us for further information.    

“I find the Network meetings really supportive and informative”
“I report back to my Line Manager after every meeting and she is now very supportive of my attendance”
“Please can we have the meetings bi-monthly?”

If you would like any further information or to attend our next network meeting then please contact us.