The monitoring sheets (below) are widely used within Torbay to check the development of children’s Speech, Language and Communication (SLC). The SLC monitoring sheets can be used to see whether children are ‘at risk’ (AR), ‘as expected’ (AE) or ‘ahead’ (Ah) in the areas of attention and listening, understanding, talk and speech sounds, and social communication.

Monitoring Sheet (0 - 1 Years)
June 2017
Monitoring Sheet (1 - 2 Years)
June 2017
Monitoring Sheet (2 - 4 Years)
June 2017
Monitoring Sheet (4 - 5 Years)
June 2017

The statements in bold italics are ‘Red Flags’. If a child is not meeting these statements at the age in brackets then they may require further support through the setting, through parents supporting specific skills at home, through discussion with a Health Visitor about general development and/or referral for further assessment by a Speech and Language Therapist.

Visit The Talking Point progress checker to guide and help you to understand what to expect at each stage. You can also talk to your health visiting team, preschool, school nurse or school. It has been developed by I CAN, a national charity that leads the way on supporting and promoting children’s communication skills. It will also link you to their advice and resources which you may find helpful before considering a referral to the speech and language therapy service or whilst you are waiting for your first appointment.

The Communication Trust Opens in a new window has many free resources for practitioners and parents which can help in your support for children’s speech, language and communication.

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust run an open referral system. This means anyone can refer a child, you do not need to ask a professional to do this for you. However, the Service does not accept referrals without parents’ knowledge and permission. To find out more information about the SLT Service across Torbay and South Devon, or refer a child, you can do this by accessing their website.

For further ideas about how to support children’s speech and language, in terms of their attention and listening and their understanding, see the advice sheets below.

Attention and Listening advice sheet
Speech, Language and Communication 0-1 years
Understanding Language advice sheet
Speech, Language and Communication 0-1 years
Does your child use a dummy?
Check out this information about how you can plan to ‘dump the dummy’

Watch this short video to find out more about how children learn to talk, from birth through to five years old.