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A registered childminder works in their own home and is registered and inspected by Ofsted during which they must demonstrate the quality and standard of their care. Ofsted ensure that every childminder meets the EYFS Statutory Framework requirements and in order to become registered, a childminder must also undertake DBS, police and health checks, have a regular inspection of their home and undertake Childminder Training and Paediatric First Aid training.

Registered childminders have a set ratio of children that they can care for and can only look after a certain number of children at any one time. Many registered childminders provide flexible childcare including, early in the morning, late in the evening, overnight and at weekends. Additionally childminders can provide continuity of care and stability, often looking after children from babyhood through to school age.

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Frequently asked questions

Childminders are professional childcare workers, who work from their own home to provide a childcare service for other people’s children in a family based setting.

They are registered with and inspected by Ofsted and they legally have to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in the same way as nurseries and pre-schools.

The EYFS provides statutory guidance on things such as Safeguarding, health and safety, adult to child ratios as well as a curriculum around children’s learning and development.

They are self employed and are registered as such with the HMRC; they also have responsibilities to other agencies.

Childminders, depending upon their grade, are allowed to offer funded nursery education places to parents.

Although you don’t need any specific general qualifications to become a childminder, it is important to remember that your job will involve supporting families and children, following the early years curriculum and guidance as well as running your own business and keeping your own knowledge and skills up to date, so a certain level of literacy is essential.

As part of the registration process you must:


  • Complete a Childminding Training Course. The Access to Childminding in Torbay (ACT) training course can provide all the help you need to register and set up your childminding business.
  • Complete a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid course

Ofsted will also expect you to demonstrate your ability to provide for children’s learning and development by following the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance.

Torbay local authority only requires Childminders to seek planning consent if there are going to be two registered Childminders at one address. If this is the case then contact Torbay Planning Dept to find out what out about the process and what the costs are.

On average it takes around twelve weeks from your initial application to Ofsted to become fully registered. However, it all depends on how quickly your DBS check and other documents take to be returned.

If you're registering a new childminding business, you could be eligible to apply for a business grant from the government.

The Childcare New Business Grants Scheme has been introduced to boost the provision of childcare in England and to incentivise entrepreneurship.

Childcare Business Grant Information
Information about childcare business grants and eligibility requirements.

A childminder is usually allowed to look after up to 6 children under 8 years, but of the six children only three can be under five years old and of those three children, only one can be under one year old. The available space in the childminder’s home will also dictate the number of children that they are allowed to provide care for and Ofsted will check this during their registration inspection.

It is important to remember that the Childminders own children are included in this ratio so realistically if someone has two children under the age of four, their earning capacity will be more limited than someone with two children aged five and nine.

As part of the Access to Childminding in Torbay training course, prospective Childminders will receive a support visit from the Torbay Childminding Development Worker as well as also receiving email and telephone support from the Early years Advisory Team.

Once registered, they will then be able to access both the Universal and Additional services that are available to all registered Childcare providers in Torbay.

Registered Childminders regularly take their minded children to Childminder groups within the Children Centres to offer support, share practice and provide new opportunities for children.

Step 1 - Book on to and attend an ‘Introduction to Childminding’ session. This two hour funded information session is held every term and is free. Contact 01803 207895 to book your place.

Step 2 - Discuss the possibility of Childminding with your family to make sure that everyone is aware of exactly what this may involve. Decide as a family, whether Childminding is the career for you.

Step 3 – If you then decide that you want to become a registered Childminder you then need to start the registration process by booking on a Childminding Training course such as the Access to Childminding in Torbay (ACT). Contact 01803 207895 to book your place on this course