For all productions where children will be performing, applications for a licence must be made to us by the producer at least 21 days before the first performance date of the production. Rehearsals do not count towards the number of days permitted.

Children in Entertainment
This leaflet sets out the requirements of the legislation and details the restrictions for children working in entertainment.


Applications must be completed by the person responsible for the production.

Included with the application form is a declaration form which must be completed by the parent/guardian of each child in the production and when submitted must also include a photograph of each child in the production.

  Apply for child performance and activities licence

If you require this application form in an alternative format please licensing&permits@​

Licences are granted where we are satisfied about the child's fitness and about provisions made for their health, kind treatment and education.


Any person who holds a Performance and Stage Licence is responsible for ensuring that a child is supervised at all times and under the charge of a chaperone approved by us (except when in the charge of a parent/guardian or tutor).