Make your property a 'No Cold Calling Home'

'No Cold Calling Homes' can help deter cold callers and combat doorstep crime. If you don’t want cold callers at your home you can request a free information pack.

The pack includes a sticker, advice to homeowners, advice on buying at home and reporting forms to use if you receive cold calls once you are displaying your “No Cold Calling” sticker.

You can also report cold callers who call at your 'No Cold Calling Home'.

  Request a pack, join the scheme or report a cold caller

It is a criminal offence for a trader to conduct personal visits to a consumer’s home ignoring their request to leave or not to return, except if the visit is justified to enforce a contractual obligation. Where traders visit properties that are clearly 'No Cold Calling Homes' we can take appropriate action against them to ensure they don’t return.