The current processing time for new applications and changes to benefit claims is an average of 6 weeks. If you contact us with a general enquiry online we will reply to you within 48 working hours.

DHP can provide additional temporary payments or one off help if you are suffering financial hardship. Help that can be provided:

  • Rent in advance for people who need to move - this is normally for those at risk of homelessness. You will not be able to get help with rent in advance if the rent on the new property is more than 10% above your Local Housing Allowance rate.
  • Extra help with your ongoing rent payments where your housing benefit does not cover your full rent, for example you are affected by the bedroom tax or the benefit cap
  • Rent arrears if an award is likely to prevent homelessness

DHP cannot be used for:

  • Services included in your rent, such as fuel costs, water rates or meals
  • An overpayment that we are recovering from your benefit
  • A drop in your income because you have a sanction on another benefit
  • Deposits. Our DHP scheme does not pay for cash deposits. We operate a Deposit Bond Scheme instead. If you need help with a deposit as well as rent in advance you can let us know on the DHP application and the DHP Team will refer your case to the Bond Officer. Please see our Bond Scheme for further information.

  Download the application form

You may be eligible for a Crisis Support Payment to help with rent in advance:

  • You need to move because you are homeless or threatened with homelessness but do not get Housing Benefit
  • You have an essential need to move but are not at risk of homelessness e.g. your current accommodation is unsuitable due to a medical condition (medical evidence will be needed) or you are fleeing domestic violence

Awards for rent in advance

  • You will not be eligible for an award if the rent on the property you want to move to is more than 10% above your Local Housing Allowance Rate
  • We will only pay a maximum of one months rent in advance at your Local Housing Allowance Rate. If your landlord is asking for more then you will need to pay the difference.