A certain level of noise is normal but if it’s becoming a nuisance and starting to affect your quality of life we may be able to help you.

Types of noise nuisance include:

  • Loud music, TV's or radios
  • Barking dogs
  • Shouting
  • Banging doors
  • DIY activities

What you can try before contacting us:

  • Contact the person causing the noise to explain politely that it’s causing a nuisance.
  • If that doesn't work, write to the person (you can use our template) and explain the effect the noise is having on you and ask them to stop. Keep a copy of the letter.
  • Use a noise diary to keep a note of the dates, times and details of the noise problems. This information will help us if you decide to contact us.

Please contact us if the noise nuisance continues or if you are worried about contacting the person causing the noise.

  Report a noise problem

Taking your own action

We will try to help you but we have to work within the law. If we can’t get enough evidence to take the action you would like us to take, you may want to find out about taking your own civil legal action.

Most noise disputes can be sorted out informally. Legal action should always be a last resort.