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Venue: Oldway Mansion

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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 13th December 2018


Minutes from the last meeting on 13th December 2018 were agreed.  Proposed by CC and seconded by LSy


Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider passing a resolution to exclude the press and public from the meeting prior to consideration of the following item on the agenda on the grounds that exempt information (as defined in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) is likely to be disclosed.


Proposed by CR and seconded by LSy  


Matters Arising


KM advised ongoing live enquiry with TDA whether it is legal to allow a live in caretaker and has asked TDA and Procurement for advice. KM advised that TDA can provide a caretaker facility but this would not be a live in person. No quote has been provided by TDA.


KM advised that Timberwise through the TDA carried out a survey and quoted £150,000 to resolve the dry rot. Hal Bishop and Historic England did not agree with what was quoted in the survey and they have recommended a company called Ridout who have quoted £4400 to carry out a Environmental study/conservation survey. KM to ask Kevin McKenna at TDA for copies of reports and specification to be provided to DC - ACTION - KM/LS


KM advised that he shared the previous discussion with the Working Party to the TDA with regards to them being committed to carry out the works and they have confirmed that they are. KM advised he will be asking for a schedule of works that the TDA carry out routinely and will have that for the next meeting - ACTION - LS



Progress on repairs / dry rot (KM)


As above



Security Contract


KM advised that the existing contract is due to end in February. A tender process was carried out to find an alternative supplier at a reduced cost. However the cost has come back at a similar level to the existing cost. KM is now looking at different options for renewing the contract with the preferred supplier but significantly reducing the cost going forward and would like any suggestions going forward from the Working Party to be sent through to him.



Budget update


No further update for this month. KM is still working on identifying the actual utility costs. Should have a further update next month.



Next steps - Insole Court experience (David Clarke)


David Clarke & Neil Richardson provided an update to the Working Party on consultancy works carried out at Insole Court in Cardiff and comparisons to the situation with Oldway.


It was suggested that a visit to Insole Court could benefit the Working Party to learn from the Trustee’s experience.


A Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) could be created for Oldway which can take around 2 months and would look to appoint trustees to work within the CIO dependant on their skills and experience.





Questions & Answers with David Clarke


The Working Party were given opportunity to ask questions of DC & NR.



Brief self-introduction by Neil Richardson (NR)


NR provided a brief introduction of his experience over the last few years to the Working Party with a view to his suitability to be appointed as Project Director for Oldway.


It was agreed to hold a meeting with DC at 6.00 pm on 24th January prior to the Friends of Oldway Group meeting to hold further discussions.



Questions & Answers with Neil Richardson (NR)


As above



Any other business


CR advised the Working Party that he has received an expression of interest from a tennis coach who is interested in running the tennis courts. KM will send the details of the interested party to Paul Palmer in the TDA Estates team to progress this further - ACTION - LS


CR commented that LS had sent out the proposed details to all of the Working Party of the event that David Watts and Antony Hill were organising. KM advised that he had met with both of them at Oldway prior to Christmas. He has put them in touch with the events team to discuss the proposed event details to ensure it is managed effectively and safely. It was agreed that CR would arrange a subcommittee to work with DW & AH for the event. ACTION - CR


LSy suggested that there could be a group put together to carry out house keeping type works within Oldway similar to the groups that carry out beach cleans. CM suggested that this could take place prior to the proposed event in April. It was agreed that this would be discussed at the Friends of Oldway AGM to ask for volunteers.


CM asked about collecting donations for Oldway at the event being held in April and if it was possible to purchase a donation box/spinning container. She believes costs are around £250.00 which could be funded by Friends of Oldway/Community Trust. It was agreed that this could be kept safe by the Friends of Oldway if the trust/CIO is not set up already.



DC & NR depart to catch trains


Working Party discussion and recommendation to KM


CR asked for the Working Party thoughts towards the discussions with DC & NR. All advised that they believe that NR is the right person for the Project Director, given his experience and enthusiasm.


MG advised that CR should speak to Martin Thomas of the Culture Board as he can provide advice and there is some funding that could be applied for to assist with some of the works to create a CIO/Trust. ACTION - CR


KM advised the Working Party that he will be taking advice from Torbay Council’s Procurement Team with regards to looking to appoint a Project Director for Oldway. KM advised he will be speaking with DC with regards to length of term and proposed costs for the Project Director appointment.